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PercyCho's Site!

So what is this site?

This site is just a copy of this one except better and not with scary stuff written in the comments of the code. It's simple now, but I'm obviously going to try to make it better, less bland, and maybe even move it to a professional domain name (like or bbho.fsp).

In all, this site is just links to other stuff I've done and kind of the hub of it all. Once I put more stuff here, I'll make more tabs, make more pages, and release updates of it all on the updates tab. But knowing me, that probably won't happen often. But who knows? This might be the site that takes off and gets some attention or what not from people when they find it.

Now what are the BBHO and Pandora's Core tab, you might be thinking. Let me explain. BBHO is around a 7 year old saga I've made that tells the story Fetch as he climbs the ladder of power, going from being an outcast to his family to getting power and saving the earth twice, all in the first story! Buuuut it gets wAY more advanced and even has its own science for how powers work. And when I say it's own science, I mean an entirely new particle that makes powers work (which I made all by myself btw). If you want to learn more, you can go to the BBHO Saga Summary page.

Pandora's Core is a (relatively) newer story that I started to come up with a few years ago, stopped, and then got back into it recently. The story is a prequel to the anime Pandora in the Crimson Shell which follows the past of Sahar Schehera (Uzal Delilah) and her story to where she is at the start of Pandora in the Crimson Shell. Because I've come up with it more recently, the story, characters, and comedy are better and more realistic than what I've done before. But it's an anime, for goodness sake, so there will be some unrealisticness.

But yeah, that's it. If you were wondering, the arrows in the dropdown menus means it goes to an external site and the button at the top right does in fact change the page from light mode to dark mode. The "Save this site" option in the Other menu brings you to, which saves this site site as it is at this point in time, so people in the future can look back and see what it looked like then. And if you click this link, it will bring you to the first post on the Updates page. Thanks for visiting and checking it out!