PercyCho's (first) site

Ok, so what is this site? This site is basically a test site (as shown from the url) that I decided to code because I wanted to code it. I'm also working on another game with xWafl called Test 13. This site is just for testing, so do whatever you want with it.

Right now I'm coding thse words offline because I'm in the car. I'll upload those things later (Meaning I already have). Alot of the stuff in the "Here" section will explain why else I made this site as well. And there's quite a bit on this page that I'm going to share.

First of all, who I am. My online name is PercyCho, and I have alot of different interests. I like theatre, art (specifically animation), music, running (cross country), and some small other interests (writing, anime, swimming, cubing, etc). I hope to learn more about coding so I could incorporate JavaScript and jQuery into this code! You can also friend me on Discord! I'm PercyCho #0396

So what do I want? What's my desire? What I really want to do is to have people LEARN. is in, learn alot from one source, for free! It's mostly for people like me who want to learn alot and don't know a good source to get it from. If it's all in one place, it's very easy! And if you're wondering how I'm going to pay for everyone who's contibuting to the site, I won't have to! Because I'm going to be writing more of the stuff on the site! Oh well, this is just a start. But at least it's a start!

I'll write alot of stuff down here about what's helpful, too, and what people could go to help that I've found helpful. Like keeping a thought book! basically a google document, writing program, or a physical book to write down all the weird things you think and all the the thoughts to yourself. Or you can share it with some other trusted friend! This is NOT a diary. It's a sketch. At least, that's what I call it. I'll add some other stuff to this paragraph or make a separate tab for that later!

For learning to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more!
For drawing short animations online and getting fun ranks too!
For drawing and downloading animations on your computer:
A fun, online site that lets you create MIDI music with a community: