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The BBHO Saga Backstory / Summary
The BBHO Saga is a story about a beanie boo named Fetch that I started when I got him as a gift as a kid. Because I was a kid and alot of the stories I made before then weren't as good, I kept imagining the story about Fetch and growing his story. Well, it wasn't much of a story. The way I did stories back then is that I made the hero(es), the villain(s), the setting, the title, and part of the fight scene or something, but that was it. As I grew up, I learned how to make better stories with better plots, and I just grew up on that story about Fetch, until now.

Now, I have made 9 - 10 Main movies about Fetch and the group he grows, 4 - 5 side movies which are also important, but aren't essential to watch, and 2 possible tv shows, totaling (if you count the two tv shows as movies) in at 16 - 18 stories about it. Which, I'm pretty proud to say, I have not written down. Yup, it's all in my head. I guess that's a weird little quirk about me, that any story I come up with I will remember if I keep refreshing it in my mind, which isn't that hard.

Of course, these stories I remember aren't the same ones I came up with when I was a little kid. That would be silly. As I said, I've refined them so they can make much more... sense. And if some of them don't, but they're essential to the plot, them I'll try to make a plotline for it that does make sense (which can work surprisingly well). One of the stories that runs into this problem is the... first one. Which is why i haven't fully written it yet.

But enough of the backstory and on with the actual summary of who the heck is Fetch the Dalmation and why the heck he's so important. It all starts in 2004, where Fetch is the youngest of four, and the other 3 are triplet sisters. They live in a unused, wooden shed near the forest and next to a research / small space station. His mother takes care of all of them because while the dad was out hunting he was knocked by a car and thrown off a bridge. This made his mother really sad, and made Fetch the Cinderella of the household and the three triplets her precious little daughters. A few months later, he gets visited by his older self from the future and told to go to the space station to get superpowers in order to go back in time like he is. So Fetch does and he accidentally through a hole, which ends him up in an underground laboratory. In there, there are tons of experiments and inventions that have been hidden away. The ceiling then starts to rumble, and the underground laboratory comes crashing down. Luckily, Fetch finds a portal and hops in it at the last second. While he's in the portal, he get superpowers from a mysterious force inside the portal. And he gets out of the portal, aaaaand...

Well, that's where it gets tricky, because alot of dumb stuff happens after that which should really be cleaned up. The funny part is, the farther the stories go along, the more sense they start to make. Like how they find out the science behind how their powers work and how they gin worldwide fame by saving the world a few times.