PercyCho's Site!

7/18/12019 - Welp. Looks like I'm needed. Fixed all of the bugs and little things that I missed in v1.0 and updated them until now. But turns out my friend needs me to help with his game on, and I can't do Pandora's Core, this site, and his project all at once. I will keep posting these updates, but any changes to the look or function of the site won't resume until the end of the year, maybe until march.
So, I hope you like it so far!
7/18/12019 - Added a 404 and 535 page because why not. I really have to upload these text updates with the actual updates so it's consistant ughh. I also automated the version and year that way I only have to change the javascript, and not the footer of every page everytime I make an update.
7/16/12019 - Finally finished scene 5 of Pandora's Core! DANG that was one big scene. in comparison of scene 5 to scenes 1-5, scene 5, scene 5 took up around 42% of the script, or around 41 pages. Thinking about it, I don't think there will be a scene longer than that, so good thing I got it out of the way.
7/14/12019 - Made an option to save the site in right when you click it! Now it's much easier to have the site saved and see the previous versions of it!
7/10/12019 - Just released the site with v1.0! now there is constant dark mode and light mode and Fetch and Nacho only appear when you first enter the site!
7/7/12019 - Made the site
Welp just made the site and released it at it's first version. I'll put updates when I get stuff like Pandora's Core and BBHO more done. Or stuff from youtube. I'm also saving all of the updates here and there are no pages. It goes all the way down.